Calculate the size of uploaded file using compute and lambda function

If you need to display the size of uploaded file (any file: jpg, doc, w2p...) you can use compute function to save file size information in to the database. This method is used on web2pyref.


Standard table definition.

from os import path

Field('name', 'string', label=T('File Name')),
Field('website_url','string', length="512", label=T('Source Link')),
Field('table_name',readable=False, writable=False),
Field('record_id','integer',readable=False, writable=False),
Field('title', label=T('Title'), notnull=True),
Field('comment', label=T('Comment')),
Field('version','string', length="32", label=T('Version Number')),
Field('file', 'upload', autodelete=True, label=T('File')),
Field('size', 'double', readable=False, writable=False, label=T('Size')),
db.file.size.compute = lambda row: path.getsize(path.join(request.folder,'uploads',row.file))


Below code will query all records in db.file table.

def show_files():

files= db(db.file>0).select()
return dict(files=files)

View default/show_file.html

Create new file named default/show_files.html and open following page in your browser: http: (relpace appneame)

 {{for record in files:}}

<div class="visible_result">
<a rel="nofollow" href="{{=URL('references','download', args=record.file)}}" target="_blank" class="list-group-item" target="_blank">
<h4 class="list-group-item-heading">{{}}<small> Version: {{=record.version}}</small></h4>
<p class="list-group-item-text">
{{if record.size:}}
{{if record.size<1000000:}}
{{=record.size/1000 }} kB
{{=record.size/1000/1000 }} mB
{{pass}}- {{=record.comment}}






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