Contact form with reCaptcha and gmail SMTP service

There are many examples on the Internet about how to add web contact form. This is a simple copy and paste example which should work with your web2py app. 

This form is used on web2pyref site and utilised a reCaptcha for subsequent submissions only.

Similar example can be found on which this example is inspired by.

Note, if your gmail account is enabled for two step authentication you will need to create app password. Check your gmail settings page.

Form was tested with and Eurodns mail server settings.


Add below code to your model file. Don't forget to change your gmail and recaptcha settings.

##Contact form example

#Field('unread', 'boolean', readable=False, writable=False, default=True,label=T('Unread')),
#Field('todo', 'boolean', readable=False,writable=False, default=False, label=T('To Do')),
Field('your_name', label=T('Name')),
Field('your_email', requires=IS_EMAIL(), label=T('Email')),
Field('your_phone_number', label=T('Phone number')), # requires=IS_MATCH('[\d\-\+\(\)\.\ ]+'),
Field('client_ip','string',readable=False, writable=False, default=request.client),
Field('subject', label=T('Subject')),
Field('message', 'text', label=T('Message')),
Field('private_comment','text', readable=False, writable=False,label=T('Private Comment')),


Create private and public key on reCaptcha website.

def index():

Contact form
## configure email - GMAIL
mail = auth.settings.mailer
mail.settings.server = ''
mail.settings.sender ='
mail.settings.login = '' # OR mail.settings.login = '' #'
contact_form_cc = ''
contact_form_bcc = ''

form=SQLFORM(db.contact_form, fields = ['your_name','your_email','subject','message'],formstyle='table3cols')

##Check if form was submitted from the same IP address in the last 3 minutes - if yes recaptcha will be enabled
import datetime
now_is =
record = db(db.contact_form.client_ip==your_ip).select(orderby=~db.contact_form.created_on).first()
add_on_time = datetime.timedelta(days=0.000752315) ## How long will recaptcha be enabled for

##Enable for Recaptcha -
from import Recaptcha

##Recaptcha Keys - visit recaptcha website
public_key = 'YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY- HERE'
private_key = 'YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY-HERE'

##Check if comment is posted in the last 3 minutes, if yes, add recaptcha to the form - This part can be commented out.
if record:
if (record.created_on + add_on_time) > (now_is):
form.element('table').insert(-1,(T('Verify'),Recaptcha(request, public_key, private_key,options = "lang:'en,es', theme:'clean'",use_ssl=True)))
##End of recaptcha

## Process, save and send the email
if form.process().accepted:
Name : %s
Email : %s
Phone : %s
Subject : %s
Message : %s
) % (form.vars.your_name, form.vars.your_email, form.vars.your_phone_number, form.vars.subject, form.vars.message)
add_to_database = SQLFORM(db.contact_form)

if mail.send(
cc=contact_form_cc if contact_form_cc else '',
bcc=contact_form_bcc if contact_form_bcc else '',
subject=T('Question from %s on %s website') % (form.vars.your_name,website_name),
reply_to = form.vars.your_email,
message = message):
response.flash = T('Your message has been sent. Thank you')
form.errors.your_email = T('Unable to send the email')

return dict(form=form, now_is=now_is,add_on_time=add_on_time,record=record

View contact_form/index.html

Add to your view file.

{{extend 'layout.html'}}

<div class="col-sm-8">
<h1>Contact Form</h1>




Contact Form

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