Enable record delete option using SQLFORM()

By setting deletable attribute to True, user will have an option to delete existing record during record update process.

Model db.py

Specify category table using define_table.


Field('is_enabled', 'boolean', default=True, label=T('Enabled')),
Field('name', 'string', length=256, label=T('Name')),
Field('description', 'text', readable=True, writable=True, label=T('Description')),

Controller default.py

Using request.args update specific record using SQLFORM(). By specifying deletable to True a form option will be given to a user.

def edit_category():

if not len(request.args):
response.flash = 'Something happended that shouln\'t happened, lets start from the start'
record_id = request.args(0)
form = SQLFORM(db.category,record_, showid = False,deletable=True, fields = ['is_enabled','name'])
return dict(form=form)

View default/edit_category.html

Show update form by entering {{=form}}

{{extend 'layout.html'}}







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