Create custom URLs

URL structures are very important from SEO and usability point of view. With web2py, your app can automatically create custom URLs using compute function and IS_SLUG validator .


Define your table in models. Note, keep_underscore is False by default.


Field('name', 'string', length=256, label=T('Name')),
Field('title', 'string', length=512, label=T('Title')),
Field('subtitle', 'string', length=512, label=T('Subtitle')),
Field('page_content', 'text', label=T('Page Content')),
Field('parent', 'reference my_page', label=T('Parent')),
Field('url_builder', unique=False,readable=True, writable=True, length=255, label=T('Url Builder')),
Field('url', unique=True, length=255, readable=True, writable=True, label=T('Url')),
Field('approved', 'boolean', default=True, label=T('Approved')),
db.my_page.url_builder.compute = lambda r: str(' '+str(r.title)
db.my_page.parent.requires = IS_EMPTY_OR(IS_IN_DB(db,, ' %(name)s - %(title)s - ID %(parent)s',
db.my_page.url.compute = lambda row: IS_SLUG(keep_underscores=False)(row.url_builder)[0]

## Below code is needed only once.
if db( > 0).count() == 0:
name = 'index',
title = 'index',
subtitle = 'index',
page_content = 'Lore ipsum lore ipsum Lore ipsum lore ipsum')
name = 'Second Page',
title = 'My home page',
subtitle = 'index',
page_content = 'Lore ipsum lore ipsum Lore ipsum lore ipsum')

Controller controller takes an argument (request.args(0)) and checks if args is a digit and if it's in a database.

def index():


def show_page():
if not len(request.args):
## You will need to create a record 'index' in 'url' field
redirect(URL('page', 'show_page',args='index')) ## You will need to create a record with 'url' record 'index'
if request.args(0) and request.args(0).isdigit():
page = db.my_page(request.args(0))
if not page:
raise HTTP(404)
redirect(URL('page', 'show_page',args=page.url))
page = db(db.my_page.url==request.args(0)).select().first()
if not page:
raise HTTP(404)
elif page.approved==False:
session.flash='Sorry page is not published or apporved'
raise404 = True
return dict(page=page)

View page/show_page.html

Full URL is http: will be redirected to http:

{{extend 'layout.html'}}

{{block header}}
<div class="page-header">
<h1 class="blog-title"> {{}} </h1>


html layout.html

You will need to add following block codes to your layout.html.

{{block header}}






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