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List of web2py plugins

A plugin is any subset of the files of an application.

and we really mean any:

  • A plugin is not a module, is not a model, it is not a controller, is not a view, yet it may contain modules, models, controllers and/or views.
  • A plugin does not need to be functionally autonomous and it may depend on other plugins or specific user code.
  • A plugin is not a plugins system and therefore has no concept of registration nor isolation, although we will give rules to try to achieve some isolation.

We are talking about a plugin for your app, not a plugin for web2py.

So why is it called a plugin? Because it provides a mechanism for packing a subset of an app and unpacking it over another app (i.e. plug-in). Under this definition, any file in your app can be treated as a plugin.

When the app is distributed, its plugins are packed and distributed with it.

In practice, the admin provides an interface for packing and unpacking plugins separately from your app. Files and folder of your application that have names with the prefix plugin_name can be packed together into a file called:


and distributed together.

web2py Plugin List




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